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6 Simple Steps to Help Relieve Vaginal Irritation

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Usually a direct result of vaginal dryness, vaginal irritation is a symptom that many women suffer from throughout life and particularly in menopause. Finding out how to relieve vaginal irritation is therefore essential for many women.

Menopause is probably the main  cause of vaginal dryness.

There are many ways to effectively relieve this uncomfortable problem. The first thing to do is gain an understanding as to why it happens and understands that menopause is the most common cause. Read on for a guide on how to relieve vaginal irritation during menopause.

1. Check your underwear

Some underwear can cause vaginal dryness.

First, foremost, and most obviously: what underwear do you wear, and is it exacerbating your vaginal irritation? The best material for underwear is cotton, and it is also important to ensure that the garment is loose. This should reduce potential irritation in that area. However, it may be the way that you wash your underwear which is causing your uncomfortable condition: read on to learn more.

2. Review your detergents

This can be a major problem. Laundry detergents can contain dyes and fragrances that remain in laundered items, from underwear to towels after washing, particularly if the detergent is scented.

3. Take note of your tampons

Using the wrong tampons and sanitary towels can cause irritation.

Using the wrong tampons and sanitary towels can cause or exasperate irritation. Try to ensure that what you are using is fragrance free and the correct product for your menstrual flow.

4. Use the correct soaps

Try to steer clear of strongly scented bubble baths and shower gels. These aren't kind to the sensitive vaginal region of the body and can further irritate the problem.

5. Think about changes to your diet

Foods that help relieve vaginal irritation.

Lifestyle changes area safe, effective way to do this. For vaginal irritation, the best foods to include in your diet are: garlic, cranberry juice, and yoghurt. Taking out starchy foods, caffeine, sugar, and other refined products from your diet is also advised.

6. Buy calendula

Calendula is good for skin irritation.

Calendula flowers are good for skin irritation. This can be combined with St. John's wort flower, mixed in a vegetable oil and boiled for up to an hour. Following this, beeswax can be added and following cooling this can be applied to the affected area.

Many women will experience vaginal irritation of varying degrees of severity. For some it does not pose a major problem, but for others it causes a huge amount of discomfort on a daily basis. Treatment options are available, though more severe cases should be discussed fully with your doctor. To find out more about how to relieve vaginal irritation, follow the link below.

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