Symptoms of Premenopause

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Premenopause symptoms often appear during the menstrual cycles

Premenopause symptoms are, in general, the ones that accompany women during their menstrual cycles. With different degrees and frequency, most women experience those symptoms, which can also be known as pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

The following sections will explain about the many manifestations of PMS in women's bodies, whether they are common or uncommon. Read on to learn about the symptoms of premenopause.

For most women, premenopause symptoms are an every month matter, since such bodily discomforts appear with women's menstrual periods. Their frequency and intensity, however, might vary. That is why, it is important for women to be in-tune with their body's typical functions, since any change within them could indicate a serious underlying health issue.

Read on to learn about the common and uncommon symptoms of premenopause.

During premenopause, most women present the following symptoms:

Cramps. Right before, or during their menstrual periods, some women complain of having mild to severe cramps.

Anxiety. It's the most common problem among women in the reproductive years. It could be stress-related, but also estrogen imbalance has been found to be a cause of this symptom.

Mood swings. Sudden changes in a woman's disposition are common around her periods.

Common premenopause symptoms

Depression. Also linked to estrogen imbalance, depression tendency is common among women during their reproductive years.

Irritability. Women tend to get angry easily around their menstrual periods due to PMS.

Nausea. Before their menstrual period, some women feel nauseous as a result of irregular hormone levels in their bodies.

Overeating. Some women feel carbohydrate cravings that consequently lead to overeating during their menstrual periods.

Bloating. Women's bodies retain more fluids during their menstrual cycles, due to progesterone levels increase.

Uncommon Premenopause Symptoms

Uncommon premenopause symptoms

Muscle spasm. Some women claim to have leg cramps right around their menstrual periods.

Decreased self-image. In some situations, self-depreciation is related to irregular hormone levels.

Panic attacks. Severe anxiety leads to panic attacks.

Dizziness. Feelings of vertigo and an inability to maintain balance.

Clumsiness. Body coordination can be affected sometimes by hormone levels.

While many women don't need much to alleviate premenopause symptoms, others find that their symptoms are severe enough to require treatment. Fortunately, there are several ways women can help themselves find calm and relief during the menstrual cycles. Please read on to the next section to learn more about treatments for premenopause.