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Onion Juice May Reverse Hair Loss

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Review on June 08, 2009

The powerful stench of onion juice might be capable of bringing more than a tear to one's eye; recent studies have shown that by simply rubbing onion juice on one's head it is possible to generate hair growth and prevent future hair loss. Fortunately for men and women of all ages, a common household staple holds a hidden power. Cited in the Journal of Dermatology, one study in particular tested the efficacy of onion juice as an antidote to the common menace of hair loss, or alopecia.

hair loss onion juice

The study divided a sample of adults suffering hair loss into two groups. One group was given tap water to apply to their heads twice daily, and another group was given onion juice. Those adults in the onion juice group began to experience a hair loss reversal within only two weeks of this daily application. While the hair growth was slightly higher among males, females experienced this benefit as well. Within four weeks, approximately 74% of the adults in the onion juice group had experienced a reversal of hair loss. Within six weeks, the numbers were even higher, with 87% of the group reaping the benefits of the onion juice and seeing hair re-growth. In the placebo tap water group, all of the adults surveyed experienced the same level of hair loss as before. There was no change.

This simple household remedy should be seen as a boon for those men and women undergoing hair loss as a result of hormonal changes or the aging process. As one in five adults is afflicted with this condition, this is certainly a cause for celebration. While further studies are necessary to reach a full conclusion, this is a great start for the fight against hair loss.