Night Sweats in 35-Year Old Women

The stages leading up to menopause are referred to as premenopause and perimenopause. Many women in these stages suffer from night sweats, hot flashes, and other unpleasant menopausal symptoms. Although night sweats during your 30s are not overly common, a consultation with a general health practitioner can often confirm this symptom. Keep reading to know why night sweats occur.

Night sweats in a 35 year old woman are not usually something to worry about.

Why Do Night Sweats Occur?

Night sweats often occur because of changing hormone levels and other outside factors, no matter the age of the woman. One explanation for the occurrences of night sweats in your 30's, which are also known as “nocturnal hyperhydrosis”, is that a woman's declining estrogen level begins to affect her hypothalamus (the part of the brain in charge of heat control). Consequently, when it is hot the body mistakenly thinks it is cold, and when it is cold the body mistakenly thinks it is hot. This is when night sweats arise.

A second reason for night sweats in 35 year old women is keeping bad lifestyle habits. Smoking or being overweight, especially if due to a lack of exercise and a poor diet, makes women more likely to experience night sweats at an early age. Women's bodies find themselves unable to accurately control their body temperature and night sweats may come.

How to Deal Early Night Sweats

The best treatment for night sweats in women of any age is to take good care of their bodies. Proper sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise are all important to help women manage and ease night sweats. A healthy body can help to banish night sweats by maintaining balanced hormone levels. There are many changes women can make to look after themselves.

For severe nights sweats in young women, natural changes may not be sufficient to help with these episodes. Although lifestyle changes always help, there are other options women can turn to. For example, alternative treatments like acupuncture or herbal supplements have been reported as beneficial by some women.

However, if night sweats in a 35 year old woman begin to occur more frequently, a doctor should be consulted. Simple changes to lifestyle environment may help alleviate night sweats, and these include:

•  Take a cold shower before going to bed
•  Avoid spicy foods before bed
•  Sleep in a cold room
•  Wearing loose fitting pajamas
•  Sleep under a thinner blanket
•  Drinking plenty of water
•  Lower the thermostat
•  Avoiding caffeine and alcohol
•  Exercising regularly
•  Eating a diet rich in whole grains, protein, fruit, and vegetables

Treatments for Night Sweats in 35 Year Old Women

Although natural treatment are always preferred, many women find that this alone is not enough to prevent their night sweats. There are other treatments for menopause symptoms such as natural supplements, medications, and surgery. Click here to read more about the different treatments for night sweats.

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