Night Sweats during Menstruation

Many women will suffer from night sweats during menstruation. If you're not aware of what a night sweat is, or are unsure how to manage them effectively, then a sudden episode can be upsetting. Understanding night sweats during menstruation will help women to more easily deal with this condition. Read on to learn more about night sweats during menstruation.

Diagnosing Night Sweats

Night sweats during menstruation are also known as “nocturnal hyperhydrosis”, a well-known perspiration disorder that occurs during sleep. For menopausal women, night sweats during menstruation can regularly wake them from their sleep because of excessive sweating. This can be very disturbing and can lead to problems such as insomnia, irritability, and poor memory performance.

Night sweats are a well-known perspiration disorder.Receiving a diagnosis of night sweats during menstruation can upset a balanced life and can impact premenopausal women both physically and emotionally. Thus, it is important to understand what this diagnosis involves, in order to deal with these episodes effectively. Read on to discover the different causes for night sweats during menstruation.

What Causes Night Sweats during Menstruation?

The hormonal changes related to perimenopause are the main trigger of night sweats during menstruation. The hypothalamus (heat regulatory area in the brain) regulates body heat according to its surroundings; if it's hot outside, the hypothalamus encourages the body to release heat, and if it's cold outside, it retains heat. When the hypothalamus receives and sends incorrect signals, it causes the body to overproduce heat, and night sweats are set off as a result.

The hypothalamus regulates the body's systems.During perimenopause, decreasing estrogen levels are responsible for the malfunction of the hypothalamus. Perimenopause causes the hypothalamus to wrongly detect an increased body temperature and to release chemicals that cause blood vessels in the skin to dilate, so that heat can be released and cause the skin to flush. Perspiration is also triggered in order to release heat quickly. This results in night sweats.

Receiving your diagnosis of night sweats during menstruation can be worrying, and these episodes can become a real burden for women if they are not dealt with appropriately. Keep reading to learn about preventing and controlling night sweats during menstruation.

Dealing With Night Sweats during Menstruation

In order to control night sweats, follow a healthy diet.After receiving a diagnosis for night sweats, your first step will be in controlling these episodes. This can be achieved by looking after your body by following a healthy diet and doing regular exercise. However, due to the hormonal causes of night sweats, it may be best to complement a healthy lifestyle with a treatment that directly addresses hormonal imbalance. These include both pharmaceutical and alternative treatment options.


Although natural treatments for night sweats during menstruation are recommended, many women find that these alone are not enough to prevent night sweats. There are other treatments for menopause available such as natural supplements, medications, and surgery. Follow the articles below for further information on how to deal with night sweats.

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