Understanding Menopause: Mood Swings and Anger

Upset woman: 50% of American women suffer for mood swings in menopauseMany women who are transitioning through menopause  may report increased levels of anger, and this is natural. Mood swings and anger are a particularly unsettling symptom of menopause that affect as many as 50% of American women. Mood swings and anger can cause turmoil in a woman's own mind and can have a great affect on her external life and relationships with others.

About Mood Swings and Anger

Mood swings and anger in menopause are caused by fluctuating levels of hormones that in turn cause serotonin –the chemical in the brain that determines emotion– to rise and fall accordingly. Mood swings are described as rapid changes in mood, often in response to a seemingly insignificant trigger. Anger is one of the moods women may often experience during mood swings.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to determine when anger is a result of mood swings and when it is an appropriate response. Typically, mood swings and anger are set apart from other emotions by their illogical and extreme nature.

Traffic: being stuck in traffic can trigger mood swings and angerOften, a woman might experience mood swings and anger as a result of a very slight triggers, some of them may include:

•  A comment from a co-worker

•  An unruly child

•  A red traffic light

•  A fumbling food server

•  An insensitive partner

While these are things that may normally result in anger, women going through menopausal mood swings and anger will experience more intense anger.

Recommendations about Mood Swings and Anger

Mood swings and anger can, unfortunately, have a detrimental effect on a woman's life and her relationships.  Fortunately, there are plenty of options for women who want to regain control of their emotions. Please read more about mood swings to find out how others have coped.

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