Menstrual Mood Swings

Angry woman: severe menstrual mood swingsWomen who suffer from severe menstrual mood swings often find themselves unable to control their erratic emotions. Women experiencing menstrual mood swings can rapidly change from being content happy to feeling depressed or angry. Consequently, menstrual mood swings can impact a woman's overall health and relationships with those around her.

For some women, the menstrual cycle can bring about several unpleasant symptoms, also known as premenstrual syndrome (PMS). While the symptoms are natural, women may often feel embarrassed by the changes in their bodies. Those who experience menstrual mood swings may also feel frustrated if they do not have the support of their loved ones. The last thing a woman experiencing menstrual mood swings needs is to be laughed or shouted at.

What Causes Menstrual Mood Swings?

Hormonal fluctuations during menopauseWomen who experience menstrual mood swings may at times feel as though they cannot control their emotions. This is because many of her emotions are related to the hormonal and chemical imbalances in her body.

As levels of estrogen decrease during the menstrual cycle, so do other chemicals in the body that regulates mood. As a result, a woman may experience fluctuations in her mood. If a woman continues to experience menstrual mood swings after her period has ended, there be an underlying condition that needs to be addressed by a medical professional.

Health Advice to Prevent Menstrual Mood Swings

Before taking medication to combat unpleasant menstrual mood swings, women should explore the natural remedies that are available. One of the most effective and healthiest ways to manage menstrual mood swings is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ensuring that the body is fit and receive proper nutrients will help alleviate mood swings and many other symptoms.

• Eat a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, protein, fiber, and diary.

• Exercise regularly

• Avoid consuming too much caffeine and alcohol

• Sleep for at least seven hours a night

• Quit smoking

If a change in lifestyle does not help relieve menstrual mood swings; there are natural supplements that have been proven to help. Although their effectiveness has not been medically proven, many women have reported positive results from some of the following:

• Magnesium

• Agnus Castus

• Calcium

• St John's Wort

• Vitamin B6 and E

Even so, some menstrual mood swings are so severe that women need a stronger treatment method. If menstrual mood swings cannot be overcome with a healthy lifestyle or natural supplements, women with severe menstrual mood swings should consult their medical practitioner to discuss other options such as:

Contraceptive pills: another option to fight mood swings• Prozac

• Hormone patches or oral progesterone

• Combined Contraceptive Pill

• Hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

• Surgery

• Cognitive behavioral therapy (teaching to mind how to overcome menstrual mood swings).

Treatments for Mood Swings

It is suggested that women begin with adopting healthier lifestyle habits and then progress to other treatments if their symptoms persist. Women should always discuss their symptoms and treatment options with their doctor before making any changes. Click here to read more about the different treatments for menstrual mood swings.

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