How to Fight Memory Loss during Postmenopause

Hair loss: one of the many symptoms of menopauseMenopause usually affects women between the ages of forty and fifty, and is a period accompanied by a host of symptoms, known as menopause symptoms. However, during postmenopause you may continue to suffer from these same symptoms. These can include hair loss, fatigue and vaginal dryness.

However, one of the most disconcerting postmenopause symptoms for many women is memory loss. While other symptoms may have more tangible affects, memory loss can be very scary. Read on to learn more about your postmenopause memory loss.

Understanding Memory Loss during Postmenopause

Disturbed woman: memory loss is caused for hormone imbalance in menopauseThe onset of menopause is brought about by hormonal changes in your body. Having balanced levels of hormones in your body is vital. Hormones let you know when you're hungry, tired or in pain. When your hormone levels fluctuate, as can happen during menopause, it causes many of the symptoms of menopause.

The hormonal imbalances a woman experiences during menopause can persist into postmenopause, leading to symptoms including memory loss. Read on to learn how to combat your memory loss during postmenopause.

How Can I Fight Back?

When you're experiencing memory loss during postmenopause, the world can be a scary place. You're not only contending with other symptoms like vaginal dryness and panic disorders, but you keep forgetting what day it is too! When all these problems mount up, it's natural to feel irritated and suffer from stress. However, treatment options are available that can help re-balance hormone levels, alleviate menopausal symptoms and help you manage your life and health more effectively.

Ginkgo and ginseng: herbs used to treat memory lossThere is no simple cure-all treatment for memory loss and other menopause symptoms, however, many women have found one specific remedy to be particularly effective. This is a traditional mixture created from two ancient herbs. Scientific studies have shown that by mixing ginkgo biloba and ginseng it is possible to create a concoction that can seriously improve your brain power. The combination of ginkgo and ginseng is said to not only boost your concentration but also sharpen your memory. The combined power of these two herbs is so effective that it is even being used to treat Alzheimer's disease in some countries.

These two herbs may also be able to combat other symptoms of menopause because they contain phytoestrogens: super-compounds found in plants genetically similar to estrogen that they may be able to mimic the effect estrogen has on living organisms. However, you should be careful with your intake of ginkgo and ginseng as consuming phytoestrogens can have side effects.

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