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Treatments for Low Female Libido

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Low libido in women is a problem often viewed by researchers, doctors, and women themselves as a disappointing, but natural, part of aging.

Women who are going through menopause frequently report low levels of libido. Unlike the male libido, which rarely dips low for an extended period of time, the female libido is much more susceptible to fluctuations. Thankfully, a number of treatments are available to combat low female libido.

Treatments for Low Female Libido

Natural Treatments for Low Libido

Lifestyle changes

Many women find that the only treatment they need to counteract low libido and other symptoms of menopause is to incorporate a few lifestyle changes into their schedule. Women can naturally treat a low libido by introducing a combination of the following:

Regular exercise

Add yams and soy into your diet

Relaxing hobbies (e.g. yoga, painting, reading, beachcombing)

Visit a counselor or sex therapist

Natural supplements

For women who need more than lifestyle changes to treat low libido, a number of natural treatments to enhance female libido are also available. These treatments are made with both phytoestrogenic and hormone-regulating herbal supplements and have been shown to increase libido, while treating other symptoms of menopause, safely and effectively.

However, while most natural treatments for low female libido have little or no risk, phytoestrogenic supplements may contain risks similar to those caused by HRT.

Fortunately, hormone-regulating herbal supplements are safe and have no risks. These supplements (such as Macafem) have been shown to safely and naturally increase a woman's low libido.

Conventional Treatments for Low Libido


If a woman's low libido is caused by problems such as vaginal dryness and discomfort, it can be solved by a number of prescribed medications which target this problem specifically. These help treat low female libido by increasing blood flow to the vagina, which in turn helps increase lubrication and relax the vaginal muscles.

Hormone replacement therapy

This treatment, also known as HRT, does exactly what its name suggests: it replaces hormones that a woman is no longer able to produce. The hormones that need replacing are also often the culprits of low libido in females, and HRT can help increase a woman's libido.

But conventional treatments for low female libido, such as HRT, have been linked with an increased likelihood of developing certain health problems. These include:

Blood clots

Heart disease

Breast cancer

Ovarian cancer


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