Treatments for Low Libido during Menopause

Treatments for low libido in women are as varied as the women who seek them. Many menopausal women report low libido levels and look for an effective remedy to treat this challenging menopause symptom. Treatments for low libido can help a woman maintain a fulfilling sex life for years. Keep reading to learn more about these treatment options.

What Causes Low Libido in Women?

Women experience low libido for a number of physical and psychological reasons, including:

Stress can cause loss libido.•  Stress
•  Hormonal fluctuations
•  Childbirth
•  Menopause
•  Fatigue
•  Depression

Remedies to treat low libido in women target these causes directly, and some women have found relief from low libido and other menopause symptoms through these remedies.

Approaches to Treating Low Libido

There are three levels of approaches to treat low libido during menopause. These are:

•  Lifestyle changes
•  Alternative medicines
•  Medication

Lifestyle changes

Incorporating a few lifestyle changes into the usual routine is the most natural and safest remedy for low libido. These lifestyle changes target many of the causes of low libido and might be all that is needed to regain a fulfilling sex life. Some of these lifestyle changes include:

Foods that promote estrogen production.Eating healthy foods that boost estrogen levels (e.g., soy, apples, wheat)

Exercising regularly

Counseling or sex therapy

Practicing stress reduction techniques (e,g., yoga and meditation)

Alternative medicine

If lifestyle changes are not enough, alternative medicines are effective remedies for low libido in women. These medicines, made from herbs, are safe and natural ways to combat low libido in women and other symptoms of menopause. There are two types of herbal supplements: phytoestrogenic and hormone-regulating herbal supplements.

Phytoestrogenic supplements
These supplements help to balance a woman's hormone levels and thereby increase low libido. These supplements, although effective, can eventually hinder a woman's ability to produce her own hormones, and can ultimately lead to an overall decrease in hormone levels. Phytoestrogenic herbs are also believed to increase a woman's risk of developing heart disease and cancer.

Hormone-regulating supplements
Rather than introducing hormones into a woman's body, these supplements stimulate the body to produce more of its naturally-occurring hormones, thereby helping to increase low libido. Hormone-regulating supplements are the safest alternative treatment to increase low libido in women.


Prescribed medications for increasing libido in women involve the introduction of synthetic hormones into a woman's body to help balance her overall hormone levels. Treatments like hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are the strongest and most common treatment for increasing libido, but they have been shown to produce serious side effects, such as:

Coronary heart disease•  Heart disease
•  Blood clots
•  Breast cancer
•  Ovarian cancer

Depending on her health history and lifestyle, a woman and her doctor may decide that conventional remedies for low libido are the right choice for her. If a woman would rather tackle her low libido through more natural remedies, however, she can begin with small lifestyle changes and alternative medicines.

More Information

Many women have found that one of the best remedies for their low libido and other symptoms of menopause is a combination of lifestyle changes and alternative medicines including herbal supplements.


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