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Lifestyle Changes to Boost Your Wife's Libido

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Women often speak in riddles; when she says “Have you cleaned the car yet?” she means “wash the car!” And when she says “Do I look fat in this?” it's not a straightforward question.

Women, who are going through menopause, lose their libido.

However, during intimate romantic moments with your wife, if her response to your advances is simply “it's not you, it's me”, this could unfortunately be a straightforward truth. It is likely that these feelings are the result of side effects a woman is experiencing during menopause. Read on to learn about how menopause could be affecting your wife's libido.

Libido and Menopause

It may seem like you're the one with all the problems: you have to go out to work every day, you're the one paying for the kids to go to college, and it's you that has to fix the boiler. But spare a thought for your wife. If she's going through menopause she may be experiencing symptoms like vaginal dryness, hair loss, and fatigue. These symptoms can make her feel depressed and unsexy, causing her to lose her libido. However, by working together as a couple, these symptoms can be effectively managed.

Most of these symptoms are caused by hormonal imbalances in her body. Hormones are a vital cog in the body, and in your wife, as in every woman, they help to regulate functions like her menstrual cycle and her fluid and sodium retention. Read on to learn how you can help your wife combat her menopause symptoms and boost her libido.

Reignite Your Nightlife

A great way to help combat your wife's low libido is to make a few simple lifestyle changes. If implemented in the right way, they may even bring you and your wife closer emotionally.

Communication is the key

Help your wife to rediscover her libido.

To her, when you listen, you're speaking the language of love. Your wife may be experiencing high stress levels as a result of the menopausal process and discussing this with her should help ease any stress, helping her rediscover her libido.

Eat healthily

A famous mantra goes: “eating correctly is the foundation to a healthy wife and a healthy sex life”. Eating healthily is important for both yourself and your wife and making dietary changes together, as a couple, is often easier. Reduce consumption of caffeine and alcohol and make sure you both get plenty of vegetables, fruit, and water. You could come up with meal ideas together and enjoy grocery shopping and cooking as a couple.

Go shopping

Natural supplements can combat some menopause treatments.

Natural herbal supplements are available from many high street stores and can alleviate some menopause symptoms. Go into any health food store and there should be isles of supplements, dried roots, and powders. Accompanying your wife and finding out more about natural treatments is important in managing her menopausal symptoms together.

Click on the following link to learn about other treatments for loss libido that your wife may try.

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