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How Will Oysters Help Increase My Libido during Menopause?

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Loss of libido affects 20 to 40% of menopausal women, but should only be perceived as a problem when it begins to have a negative effect on a relationship. A lot of women find it difficult to cope with their loss of libido during menopause because they can find it an embarrassing and distressing time.

Dietary changes can increase libido.

Fortunately, there are various ways to increase libido, such as making dietary changes and eating foods that are associated with increased sex drive. Aphrodisiacs or “the foods of love”, contain certain ingredients that are thought to play a role in sexual arousal.

How Can Oysters Increase My Sex Drive?

Oysters increase your sex drive.

Oysters are often the first food to crop up in a conversation about sex and a lack of sex drive. The theory that these slippery, slimy delicacies increase libido and act as a type of Viagra has been around for some time. But why? Read on to find out why oysters can play an important role in spicing up the action in the bedroom, even during menopause.


Release sexual hormones

Scientific research suggests that they aid the release of sexual hormones which in turn will increase a person's desire to participate in sexual activity.


High in Zinc

Oysters contain zinc, that is the most effective nutrient in enhancing libido.

Zinc is believed to be the most effective nutrient in enhancing libido, in both women and men. Women need a small amount of testosterone, but during menopause when a woman's hormones become imbalanced, the production of this hormone is disrupted. Zinc is essential for the production of testosterone, and oysters contain high levels of zinc.


Amino acids

Oysters are also a good source of tyrosine which is an amino acid. Amino acids increase dopamine levels to the brain. This is what drives motivation, and plays an important role in stimulating our brain for sexual activity.


Foreplay food

Include oysters in seduction methods.

For some, the texture of oysters is enough to get them in the mood, and they therefore include the seafood in seduction methods, or even foreplay. The concept of sucking a raw oyster from her partner's body can be erotically stimulating for some females and feeding each other is also known for increasing arousal levels. It is the oyster's slippery sensation, and the art of sucking that makes this foreplay technique a successful libido increaser.


Resemblance to anatomy?

Oysters were once described as an aphrodisiac because of their resemblance to the female genitals. This can be left to ones imagination!

How Can Oysters Be Enjoyed?

Raw. This is how they are commonly eaten. Put the oysters on a bed of ice and enjoy with a splash of freshly squeezed lemon or with a spicy sauce of your choice. Suck the oysters from their shells.

Cooked. The most popular oyster dish in the US is Oysters Rockefeller. Open the oyster and disregard the top shell. Fry some spinach, onion, and bread crumbs and then add Tabasco sauce. Spoon onto the oyster shell and then boil or broil until they are cooked through. Serve hot.

More Information about Loss of Libido

The severity of libido loss will vary from woman to woman during menopause because this is such a complex stage of life. For some it is a phase they relish but for others it is a very difficult period and libido loss will impede on sexual relationships. Women should be reassured that this is a normal consequence of “the change” and that there are ways to treat it. Follow the link below to find out more about loss of libido.

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