How to Increase Your Wife's Libido during Menopause

Loss of libido is very common during menopause.Loss of libido is very common during menopause, and most women find it a frustrating and embarrassing time because they find it difficult to understand why they don't feel the desire or need to be sexually active with their partners. It is your job, as that partner, to be supportive and understanding. However, it doesn't mean you can't also be proactive and try to turn your partner on. Read on to learn how you can combine appetite, aphrodisiacs, and attention to feed an aching sexual hunger.

4 Easy Steps to Deal with Your Partner's Loss of Libido

Believe it or not, creating the right mood in the kitchen and at the dinner table can make for quite a racy night in the bedroom. Read on to find out what you can do to get your sex life back on board again.

Show off your skills

Cook for her, your wife will appreciate it.Your wife may well be suffering from many menopausal symptoms, so bear this in mind and make a kind gesture by suggesting you will cook dinner. Your wife will be suitably impressed, and perhaps even turned on; if she can see that you are a master in the kitchen. She will appreciate the offer and it will put her in a more positive mood. Tell her to take a long soak in the bath whilst you cook so she can de-stress.

Cook with the right foods

Create a meal that includes some aphrodisiacs.Create a meal that includes some aphrodisiacs, but also combines some of her favorite foods. Foods that are high in zinc like oysters and salmon will increase the levels of testosterone as will foods that are high in vitamin E, like asparagus. It might be worth you chomping into some celery sticks whilst you are cooking too, because celery contains androsterone which is an odorless hormone that can turn women on when released through male perspiration.

Create the right mood

Create a meal that includes some aphrodisiacs.Set an atmosphere that will allow your wife to feel relaxed. Organize for the children to be in bed or out for the evening so that you can have some alone time, and put on some relaxing but upbeat music in the background. Setting sensual lighting can also make the mood more intimate, allowing your wife to unwind.

Take dessert to the bedroom

Create the right mood, set an atmosphere that will allow your wife to be relaxed.It is important, especially during menopause that any sexual activity is taken at a slow pace because women need to be suitably aroused before they can rush into intercourse. Foreplay is always a good way of increasing blood flow to the genital area and can be initiated over the dinner table. Pick a dessert that is easy to feed to one another and then move the action into the bedroom.

Additionally, be aware that loss of libido is sometimes accompanied by vaginal dryness, so buy lubrication beforehand (just in case) and understand that it may take slightly longer for your wife to be sexual aroused than normal.

More Information about Loss of Libido

Loss of libido is a very common symptom of menopause, affecting as many as 20 to 40% of women. For most, it is a distressing time and they will want to combat it just as quickly as you do. Be understanding, and realize that your wife is going through this because of the hormonal imbalance she is experiencing and not through choice. To find out what other methods can be used to increase her sex drive then follow this link.


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