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How to Increase Female Libido

As many women approach menopause, they report a decrease in sex drive and seek effective ways to increase libido. Although how to increase female libido is still not fully understood, nature and science have provided women with a number of ways to increase libido.

What is Female Libido?

Often regarded to be as elusive and enigmatic as the Holy Grail, the female libido is perplexing to researchers, doctors, and ordinary men and women around the world. Unlike men, who seldom experience significant drops in libido, women are susceptible to libido decreases for a number of reasons not yet fully understood by science.

Factors that are believed to affect female libido are:


• Alcoholism
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Diseases, such as diabetes
• Menopause
• Past sexual abuse
• Relationship conflicts
• Stress
• Uncomfortable living arrangements

What can be done to Increase Female Libido?

A decrease in libido is difficult or even devastating for women who previously enjoyed fulfilling and active sex lives. A woman may wonder how she can adapt to this change or if anything can be done to increase her libido from its current dwindling level to the robust level she previously enjoyed. Fortunately, a number of treatments do exist to help increase female libido. These treatments are widely varied and can be tailored to fit each woman's unique lifestyle, health concerns, and expectations.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that seeking treatment to increase female libido should only been initiated if a woman perceives her libido to be lacking. If decreased libido is not adversely affecting a woman in any way, she does not need to seek treatment to increase libido.

Methods to Increase Female Libido

If a woman decides to seek treatment to increase her libido, she has a number of viable options, ranging from more natural methods to drug treatments or a combination of these.

Lifestyle Changes
Often, physicians or therapists recommend that women first try to incorporate simple lifestyle changes to help increase libido. These can include changes to combat some of the psychological or emotional causes of decreased libido often accompanying menopause, such as stress and depression. To increase libido with lifestyle changes, women can:

how-to-increase-female-libido2• Cut back on a busy schedule
• Practice a relaxing activity such as yoga or a beloved hobby
• Visit a sex therapist
• Eat estrogenic foods like soy, cherries, alfalfa, rice, apples, potatoes, yams, and wheat
• Engage in regular exercise

Incorporating these lifestyle changes is one of the safest ways to increase female libido, but may be one of the most difficult since a woman must approach these changes with a strong will and positive attitude.

Natural and Alternative Remedies
Another safe and natural way for women to increase libido is by introducing herbal supplements to their diet. Some of these natural remedies, like phytoestrogenic herbs, work by adding estrogen produced by plants into a woman's body. These remedies do work, but can cause a woman's body to cease its own estrogen production, leading to an overall estrogen decrease over time.

how-to-increase-female-libido3An even safer route many women have chosen to help increase libido is to introduce non-estrogenic herbs into the body. As their name suggests, these herbs don't contain estrogen, but instead, encourage a woman's glands to produce their own natural hormones more efficiently. Ultimately, a woman's own body becomes responsible for balancing her own hormones, which leads to an increase in libido. Non-estrogenic herbs, such as maca root, are often the best choice for women who want to know how to increase libido, but don't want to risk developing the dangerous side effects associated with other methods.

Drugs and Hormone Replacement Therapy
No doubt the quickest and most powerful method used to counteract the effects of menopause and increase female libido, prescription drugs and hormone replacement therapy (HRT), are widely popular despite their serious risks. These treatments work by introducing synthetic hormones into a woman's body to replace those she's lost. This treatment has been shown, however, to dramatically increase a woman's risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer as well as heart disease and blood clots.

If a woman seeks to increase her libido and combat other effects of menopause through synthetic hormones, she should carefully discuss the risks and benefits with her physician.

Further Reading

With a combination of the above treatment types, any woman can know how to increase her libido in a style that suits her lifestyle and needs. Although many women choose to increase libido through quick, though artificial, methods, an increasing number of women find that they can achieve the same results through a combination of lifestyle changes and herbal supplements.

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