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Irregular Periods in Young Women

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It can take many years for a young woman's period to become regular. Irregular periods in young women are very common. Many expect to have regular periods that come every 28 days like clockwork. However, that doesn't happen for all women.

What are Irregular Periods in Young Women?

The Menstrual Cycle

The term menstrual cycle leads to many young women to believe that they will get their periods at the same time every month. Depending on a woman's body, the cycle can be longer or shorter and can vary from month to month. For example, a menstrual cycle may take 28 days one month, and then 34 the next.

Irregular periods in young women are particularly common. This is because their bodies are still growing and hormone levels are still trying to find a balance.

How Long do Irregular Periods in Young Women Last?

For some young women, irregular periods may only last for a couple of years, while for others, they may last until menopause. There are typically no harmful affects if this occurs, just the inconvenience it causes.

Why do Irregular Periods in Young Women Occur?

There are different reasons that irregular periods in young women occur. Below are some of the common reasons:

Alcoholic drinks can trigger or exacerbate irregular periods


Poor diet

Not getting enough sleep

too much alcohol

How to Avoid Irregular Periods in Young Women

If irregular periods in young women become a problem, there are actions that are possible take to regulate the periods, such as:

Contraceptive pills. Begin a course of contraceptive pills that regulate the menstrual cycle, so that periods only occur every 28 days.

Diet and exercise. Eat a healthier diet and exercise regularly to keep the body as healthy as possible.

Natural hormone supplements. Take natural hormone boosting supplements to help the body stabilize and become more regular.

Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs.

Control stress. Try relaxing exercises like yoga or Pilates to keep the body stress-free.

Click the following link to read more about the main causes for irregular periods in young women.

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