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Heavy and Constant Menstrual Periods

In many different stages and times in life your menstrual periods may become heavy and uncomfortable. This could simply be due to environmental changes such as stress, entering a new moment in your life and approaching middle age or from possible other physical conditions and hereditary traits. Please find information below concerning heavy and constant menstrual periods.

How do you know if your period is abnormally heavy?

Officially, a flow of more than 80ml in one period is considered menorrhagia and can be dangerous because the body will undergo a lack of iron or will have a low blood count. Women normally have a period ranging from 4-6 days and produce between 10-35ml of fluid.

A normal sanitary product can hold about one tablespoon or 5ml and a maxi or super tampon holds about 10ml. During your period you can keep track of how many tampons you used and rate the quantity of fluid left on the tampon, such as,

heavy-and-constant-menstrual-periods11 - Spotting

2 - Normal flow

3 - Moderately heavy

4 - Heavy and/or clots

What causes heavy menstrual bleeding?

It is still uncertain what causes heavy menstrual periods although heavy periods are most common in teens and the in perimenopause phase, the phase before menopause. Experts believe that estrogen thickens the endometrium, the mucous membrane lining the uterus, while progesterone, a hormone, thins it. This could play a role in heavy bleeding but definite conclusions have been made.

Heavy and constant menstrual bleeding occurs 25% of the time at the beginning of perimenopause because of the rising and dropping of hormone levels.

Heavy and constant menstrual bleeding can also be a result of many different types of infections and growths.

What to do about heavy and constant menstrual periods?

heavy-and-constant-menstrual-periods2After doing the method above and seeing that you have an abnormally heavy and/or has clots in it, it might be time to a medical professional to check the amount of iron in your blood and blood count.

If your period is heavy and uncomfortable it might be time to look into alternative medicine to avoid costly surgery and costly procedures. Alternative medicines can lighter the load of everyday stress and get your body back on track to how it is supposed to work.

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