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Five Home Remedies for Irregular Periods

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From the time a woman first gets her period during puberty until she stops menstruating in menopause, she can experience irregular periods. It is expected that a woman has changes in her hormones, and as a result, changes in her menstrual cycle.

Some studies have suggested that only 10% of all women get to menopause without suffering from any irregular periods. They can be scary, annoying, and inconvenient but typically, should not cause concern. If you wish to regulate your periods, there are some methods that may help.

5 home remedies for irregular periods

Home Remedies for Irregular Periods


Natural herbs and supplements such as black cohosh and dong quai are globally recognized products that help reduce the impact of menopausal symptoms. Herbal teas made with parsley and sage may also help regulate periods and other symptoms.


Vegetable and fruit juices are good for ensuring that you have enough vitamins and nutrients and can also help you manage irregular periods. Grape and carrot juice are two of the most common examples.


Sesame seeds mixed with cumin seeds and honey are thought to be a great home remedy for irregular periods. In fact, many seeds can be paired with cilantro and coriander to make them more effective.


It has been reported that some people have found that unripe green papaya can normalize irregular periods during menopause.

Exercise less

A healthy mind is a healthy body. Exercising is great for your overall health and wellbeing. Try to work out for at least 30 minutes a day. However, don't over exercise. Athletes or women who exercise excessively are more prone to irregular periods.

These are five of the best home remedies for irregular periods during menopause and many are used by women across the globe. There can be many causes for irregular periods but considering the menstrual cycles relationship with your hormones it makes sense that menopause can cause it.

By replenishing your estrogen and progesterone levels through diet, exercise and natural supplements irregular periods can be lessened and even stopped. Click the following link for more information about the remedies for irregular periods during menopause.

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