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Household Mold May Lead to Chronic Dizziness

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Review on April 03, 2009

A silent but odious health hazard lurks in up to half of all homes in both the US and Canada. Oftentimes its victims don´t realize they are being slowly poisoned until experiencing a buffet of unpleasant symptoms ranging from sinus infections to dizziness. According to a study that the Mayo Clinic conducted in 1999, of the 37 million Americans suffering from chronic sinus problems, almost all of them can be attributed to this household mold.

dizziness household mold

While this can go undetected or downplayed as a common cold symptom, when dizziness is the symptom the problems can get more serious. Some patients report their dizziness reaching such a level of severity that even walking down the street can be a challenge. The most lethal household mold is termed stachybotrys atra, which in addition to dizziness has been linked in laboratory studies to memory and hearing loss, difficulty concentrating, and bleeding in the lungs. Prolonged exposure can exacerbate all of these symptoms. One good way to tell if dizziness is mold-related, according to experts, is to take note when going on vacation if the symptoms get better away from home.

One reason why many people don´t realize they have a mold problem until exhibiting symptoms such as dizziness is that mold can come in almost any color. Green, black, white, or yellow are the main types, but as it grows in dark damp places such as behind cabinets it can be subtle until the home is completely infested. Even scarier, mold can grow within the human body. Once a colony is established it can multiply until a person exhibits dizziness or bleeding lungs, two of the most severe symptoms.

Fortunately, if experiencing dizziness related to mold, there are ways to find relief. Identifying the problem and maintaining a clean, dry household is key. Avoiding foods such as mushrooms and old leftovers in the refrigerator will also help. Sadly, in extreme cases of dizziness it may be necessary to move. Only an expert can be sure.