What Do Hot Flashes Feel Like?

Unexpected and sudden bursts of heat it´s what women felt in a hot flashHot flashes are one of the most common symptoms that menopausal women have. However, if you've never experienced one, the unexpected and sudden bursts of heat can be overwhelming. For those of you who don't know what hot flashes feel like, keep reading below to learn about the causes, effects, and treatments for hot flashes

OK, So What are Hot Flashes, and What Do Hot Flashes Feel Like?

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As many as 75% of Caucasian women experience hot flashes at least two years before reaching menopause. On average, 85 percent of these women experience hot flashes for more than one year.

Hot flashes, a widespread symptom of menopause, are commonly experienced as a sensation of intense heat, sweating and rapid heartbeat in the upper part of the body. Hot flashes typically begin with a sensation of heat in the face or chest and can spread throughout body. Whilst the experience, duration and intensity vary from woman to woman, a common description of hot flashes is of feeling “flushed” and accompanied by reddening of the face.

Researchers have classified the intensity of hot flashes into the following categories:

Mild hot flashes feel like a fractional change in body temperature, so mild they can be barely noticeable.

Moderate hot flashes are more obvious, and combined with sweating and an accelerated heartbeat feel like an inhibitor on everyday activities.

Severe hot flashes hot flashes can feel like a major episode, and are strong enough to overwhelm to the point where urgent relief is needed.

Having grasped the major symptoms of hot flashes, it is beneficial to know their root causes in order to overcome them properly. The following contains an explanation for the different causes of hot flashes.

What Causes Hot Flashes?

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Due to a depleted level of estrogen during menopause the area in the brain that regulates body temperature (the hypothalamus) can get confused.

Decrease in estrogen levels it's what causes hot flashesWhile several different factors can cause hot flashes, the primary cause is a decrease in estrogen levels that occurs during menopause.   As a result, the hypothalamus falsely detects an increase in body temperature and the body reacts to cool it down.

The blood vessels near the surface of the skin dilate to release heat and sweat, and women experience a hot flash. Hot flashes can feel uncomfortable and overwhelming. However, there are ways in which women can manage their hot flashes.

How Best to Cope with Hot Flashes?

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Exercise has been proven to improve endurance and mental well-being which contribute to better tolerance of hot flashes.

There are several approaches a woman can take if their hot flashes feel like they are unbearable. The most basic method for handling hot flashes is to maintain a healthy body by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly. In addition, alternative medicines can be a more direct way to balance hormone levels. Often a combination of both is the most effective method of dealing with hot flashes.

Quick tips for a healthy lifestyle:

Nuts, grains and beans have been recommended as useful dietary tools for controlling hot flashes. Naturally a reduction in eating refined and processed "junk" foods and more vegetables and fruits also facilitate more normal activity in the hypothalamus.

Treatment for Hot Flashes

While healthy lifestyle choices are critical, hormone balance is central to effectively dealing with hot flashes. The best methods are often those that combine healthy lifestyle approaches and alternative remedies. Click the following link in order to find the best treatment of hot flashes currently available.

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