How Long Do Hot Flushes Last?

This question can be read two ways, both "How long does an individual episode of hot flushes last?" and "How many years will hot flushes persist?" On this page, we will strive to answer both these questions as well as provide useful information about hot flushes in general as well as potential treatment options.

About Hot Flushes

Researchers speculate that as many as 70% of menopausal women experience episodes of hot flushes. Of these women, most report that their hot flushes involve a brief rush of intense heat that radiates throughout the body for a little bit, disappearing almost as quickly as it arrived. Women also report the following symptoms:

Menopausal women could experience nausea• Profuse sweating.
• Nausea.
• Rapid heart rate.
• Flushed skin.
• Anxiety.
• Embarrassment.

These characteristics of hot flushes are all fairly common. If a woman is unsure if her symptoms are directly related to hot flushes, she should seek the opinion of a trusted doctor.

Duration of Individual Hot Flushes

It is necessary to avoid spicy foods like peppers during menopauseTypically, hot flushes do not last much longer than thirty seconds. Many women report that hot flushes leave almost as quickly as they arrive, barely staying long enough for other people to notice (though when other people do notice, women may of course experience additional discomfort). Some women, however, do report that their hot flushes last as long as ten minutes, although this is relatively rare.

Hot flushes that last for any duration of time can greatly disrupt a woman's daily life. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to mitigate their intensity or duration, such as regulating room temperature, wearing lightweight clothing, and avoiding spicy foods and excessive caffeine.

How Long will Hot Flushes Continue?

Hot flushes may begin to appear as long as fifteen years before a woman hits menopause. Though they may be sporadic and less intense, these early hot flushes may frighten some women. Once a woman does reach menopause -the time when her period has not appeared for a full calendar year -her hot flushes may not cease completely. As many as 85% of women who experience hot flushes still have episodes a full year after menopause, and 50% of those women report episodes of hot flushes as long as five years after menopause.

More Information

Women who are concerned about hot flushes have a number of treatment options, divided into the following categories:

• Lifestyle changes
• Alternative medicines
• Prescription drugs

Women can explore these links and then discuss their findings with a trusted doctor in order to learn more about hot flushes treatments.

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