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Hot Flashes Affecting Young Women

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While hot flashes are usually associated with middle-aged women who are undergoing the menopausal transition, young women can experience hot flashes as well. Hot flashes can be caused by a number of things, some benign and others more worrisome.

Keep reading to find more detailed information about hot flashes and potential treatment options.

Young women can experience hot flashes as well

Understanding Hot Flashes in Young Women

Hot flashes are characterized by a sudden rush of intense heat that radiates through the body for a few seconds, normally dissipating almost as fast as it appeared. Heat can cause excessive perspiration, temporarily pink or reddish skin, a racing heartbeat, and even momentary embarrassment and general discomfort.


Irregular heartbeat

Flushed skin


Although these symptoms might be troubling for some young women, there are a variety of causes. Read further to learn about the different triggers of hot flashes in young women.

What Are the Causes of Hot Flashes in Young Women?

Causes of hot flashes include:


This is a condition in which the thyroid gland – a gland that controls hormone levels – becomes overactive. This condition may affect young women in their early 20s or 30s.


Hot flashes among young women also occur when a woman has undergone a complete hysterectomy, or removal of her uterus and both ovaries for medical reasons.

Estrogen levels

Sometimes inexplicably, estrogen levels in a woman's body might crash to low levels, causing hot flashes. Decreased estrogen levels may or may not be related to a more serious condition, so women who experience them should seek a doctor's opinion.


Certain foods can contribute to hot flashes in young women. Spicy foods, alcohol, energy drinks, and meat can cause hot flashes in young women when consumed in excess.


Hot flashes in young women are often caused by things like high stress levels or smoking.

Serious medical condition

Although rare, some young women experience hot flashes because of a more serious medical condition such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), cancer, or diabetes. Again, these are rare conditions, but women who are concerned that these may be causing their hot flashes should seek medical attention.

More Information

Hot flashes may be minor, or they may be seriously affecting a young woman's daily life. There are many options for women who want to find a way to control and regulate their hot flashes. Certain lifestyle changes, alternative medicines, and prescription medications have all been shown to alleviate hot flashes. Please, click on the following link and discuss these hot flashes treatments with a trusted medical professional.

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