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Crashing Fatigue during Perimenopause

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Crashing fatigue during perimenopause can often cause women to feel helpless and stressed. Some women sometimes feel worn out for no reason, affecting their work and personal relationships. Anxious women suffering from this menopause symptom should attempt to rest and relax.

Crashing fatigue can be caused by dropping hormone levels.

Why do Women Experience Crashing Fatigue during Perimenopause?

Crashing fatigue during perimenopause is more frequently due to physical problems than psychological. The physical effects of menopause often instigate crashing fatigue. This is because perimenopause is the period when women are learning how to cope with their menopause symptoms and may not have found the correct treatments yet. There are many menopause symptoms that can lead to crashing fatigue, for example:

Night sweats (due to disturbing sleep)

Memory loss can cause it because of the effort of remembering

The stress of a lowered sex drive

Furthermore crashing fatigue during perimenopause can be caused by dropping hormone levels. When estrogen and progesterone hormone levels become imbalanced during perimenopause then fatigue and crashing fatigue occurs. Estrogen hormones control the cortisol levels in the body (cortisol levels control the body's alertness) and when they become imbalanced the cortisol levels are no longer correct.

How to Combat Crashing Fatigue during Perimenopause

There are many ways to oppose crashing fatigue during perimenopause. The best way to treat it is through rest, relaxation, and regular moderate exercise. Exercises such as yoga and Pilates can often help to relax women and assist them. Furthermore, regular scheduled rest can help.

Natural medication can also be taken to help women with their crashing fatigue during perimenopause. The best treatments for crashing fatigue are those that balance hormone levels. For example the natural herb Macafem stimulates the body to produce estrogen hormones, which then stimulates cortisol, helping to battle crashing fatigue.

Another method to help battle this symptom is acupuncture. Although it has not been scientifically shown to assist with perimenopausal crashing fatigue some women report it to be extremely helpful.


Crashing fatigue during perimenopause can be extremely debilitating, women should be aware that there are ways to tackle this troublesome symptom. A good way to start the treatment process is to visit your doctor, who can test for other conditions and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Click here to read more about the different treatments to help with crashing fatigue during perimenopause.

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