Early Menopause
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Early Menopause or Premature Menopause

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Common Signs or Symptoms of Early Menopause

Menopause is inevitable. All women know it, but what happens when menopause strikes sooner than expected? Early or premature menopause can be shocking for young women, especially if they are caught off-guard, unaware of the signs and symptoms of early menopause.

Unfortunately, truth is that many young women have to deal with the onset of early menopause, its symptoms, and the physiological and emotional consequences.

This section will discuss early or premature menopause thoroughly, as well as the age women encounter it, its causes, signs and symptoms, tests, risks, and side effects. Finally, the ways women can deal with them will also be discussed.

What is early menopause?

Early or premature menopause can come as a shocking experience for the 1-4% of American women with the condition. Premature menopause means ending reproductive life at an unusually early age, even in a woman's teen years.

On the other hand, it is important to set apart early or premature menopause from premenopause, the first stage of the menopause process, in which women don't present any symptoms and have an active reproductive life.

For more information on menopause at an unexpected young age, click on the following link to read about early menopause, or keep reading about causes of early menopause.

Breast Pain during Early Menopause

Early menopause can come as a surprise to some women, although it is very rare. Breast pain is one of the issues a woman with early menopause might experience, and this can be very painful. This article explains more about early menopause, why breast pain occurs, and how it can be treated.

Causes of Early or Premature Menopause

It is hard to point out specific causes for premature or early menopause. However, there are some situations that can trigger the onset of menopause at an early age. In brief, there are natural and medical causes of early or premature menopause.

Natural causes of early menopause

Premature ovarian failure (POF). Also known as premature menopause, POF is diagnosed when a woman stops egg production or the hormones she needs to ovulate. It can be the result of many factors, from genetic predisposition to autoimmune disorders.

Medical causes of early menopause

Infection. Some diseases have been proven to affect the functionality of the ovaries (tuberculosis, the mumps, etc.).

Hysterectomy. The removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and sometimes ovaries causes early menopause. Hormone and egg production is dramatically interrupted, leading to the onset of early or premature menopause.

Tubal ligation. Often women that have undergone a tubal ligation procedure enter menopause at an earlier age.

Other causes of early menopause

Stress. Although stress cannot cause early menopause by itself, it does play an important role in the severity and frequency of symptoms.

Even though the causes mentioned above are the most common, there are other early menopause causes that should be taken into account when analyzing the possible onset of early menopause.

Click on the following to read more information about early menopause causes, or continue reading to learn about early menopause signs and symptoms.

4 Hidden Causes of Early Menopause

Early menopause has a variety of known causes, but because it is so rare, these causes are not widely known by the general public. This article lists some of the possible and hidden reasons for early menopause, some of which might seem strange and unexpected.

Causes of Early Menopause

Early menopause occurs in women between 20 and 40 years of age, and can often come as a shock. There are many different causes of early menopause; genetic predisposition, poor nutrition, surgical removal of the ovaries, certain cancer treatments, infections and premature ovarian failure are some of them.

Early Menopause Signs and Symptoms

Insomnia is one of the most common symptoms of early menopause

Women before 40 usually take some time to identify their symptoms as menopausal, since they appear at such an unusual age. Early menopause symptoms are the same as menopause symptoms at a regular age, because they are both caused by hormonal fluctuations. However, these symptoms can also be related to other health conditions. The following list mentions the most common symptoms of early menopause:

Common Signs and Symptoms of Early Menopause

Vaginal dryness

Bladder irritability

Hot flashes

Irregular periods

Emotional changes

Dry skin, eyes, or mouth


Decreased libido

It is important to adequately identify the symptoms, since they could also be signs of serious diseases or health conditions.

Click on the following link for a complete list of early menopause signs and symptoms or keep reading to learn about early menopause treatments.

How to Manage Early Menopause Symptoms

Early menopause is a very sensitive topic for a young woman, and this stage can be triggered by several factors, the principal one hormonal imbalance. Early menopause occurs in young women, between the 20 and 40 years olds. This article explains about early menopause symptoms and how to handle them.

Early Menopause Treatments

When women are diagnosed with premature or early menopause, they have to deal with both physical and emotional changes. Fortunately, they are not left alone in this battle because there are three approaches to consider when deciding to combat early menopause.

These early or premature menopause treatments are: lifestyles changes, alternative natural medicine, or medications. They range from mild to intense and should be administered carefully. They ought to be used only after having analyzed all of their benefits and possible side effects.

Early Menopause Tips

Eat a balanced diet Increase vitamin B intake Exercise regularly

Out of the three approaches, lifestyle changes carry the least risk. However, they entail major commitment and discipline. Techniques, such as acupuncture, yoga, or meditation, are known to help women regain control of their bodies and minds. Despite such benefits, bear in mind that those techniques do not address the problem at its source.

Alternative medicine can alleviate early menopause symptoms

The second approach, alternative medicine, recommends the use of certain herbs to alleviate symptoms. Natural and alternative remedies have been widely recognized to relieve early menopause symptoms. Although this approach is very effective, in some extreme cases, women might need a more drastic approach. If this happens, medications will be their option.

The third approach refers to the use of prescribed medications. Among the possibilities, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the most popular one. Unfortunately, HRT has been linked to serious health conditions such as different types of cancer and heart risk.

After being told about the main characteristics of early menopause, causes, symptoms, and possibilities for treatment, it's time to decide which way to go to find relief. Please find more information about different ways to get relief for early menopause in early menopause treatments.

HRT and Early Menopause

Early menopause can cause aggravating and confusing symptoms for women under 40. Once a woman has been diagnosed with early menopause by her doctor, she can explore treatments like hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This can decrease many of the symptoms, and has been successful in some cases, but occasionally has negative side effects.

What Should I Know to Treat Early Menopause?

Early menopause can be a stressful experience, but it is possible to overcome the symptoms. Anyone who enters menopause before the age of 40 is experiencing early menopause. Hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, and mood swings are common symptoms. Early menopause can be hereditary, or caused by cancer treatments or surgeries.

Updated on October 15th, 2014
Am I Too Young to Be Experiencing Menopause Symptoms?
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What Are the Common Symptoms of Early Menopause?
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Dealing with Early Menopause in Your Daily Life
Early menopause can happen unexpectedly and can be upsetting for young women. It's important for women to understand the reason for menopausal symptoms and how to treat them, in order to improve the quality of their daily lives. Healthy lifestyle, open communication, and emotional well-being are key aspects of managing early menopause.
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How to Help Your Daughter Through Early Menopause
Early menopause can be a highly distressing time for young women, both physically and emotionally. If your daughter is experiencing early menopause, it's likely she will need your support and advice. You can help by listening to her, sharing your personal experiences, and going with her to the doctor.
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Understanding Early Menopause
Early menopause can be brought on by a variety of different causes, including genetics, lifestyle choices, or medical procedures. However, while it can't be reversed, there are ways to treat the symptoms. Learn more about the causes and treatments for early menopause.