Early Menopause Treatments

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Even though early menopause can be a traumatizing experience for young women, they will be glad to know that there are different possibilities to handle early menopause symptoms.

In this section, women will be able to learn about the three approaches within their reach to find relief: lifestyle changes, alternative herbal medicine, and pharmaceutical options. Read on to get more information about them.

Women are encouraged to begin with the safest approach to treating early menopause symptoms: lifestyle adjustments. While these are often effective at curbing early menopause symptoms, they don't address the underlying causes of this stage—hormonal imbalance. Fortunately, alternative medicine and natural remedies can be combined with lifestyle changes to provide a safe and effective treatment.

While drugs and surgery are not necessary to stop early menopause symptoms, some women may wish to consider drug options if they are unable to find relief from early menopause symptoms. For women considering this option, it is important to understand, and carefully weigh, the risks associated with such treatment.

1. Lifestyle Changes

It is surprising to see how behavior can affect health. This is especially true for women dealing with early menopause who might think drugs are their only solution. Before resorting to that, specialists recommend taking a look at their lifestyles, since some women might unconsciously practice some habits that increase severity and frequency of early menopause symptoms.

The following list might give an idea of everyday habits that can have a great effect on finding early menopause relief:

Woman practicing yoga to relieve early menopause symptoms

Stress Management: Stress has a negative effect on women's bodies. Some techniques to manage stress are meditation, yoga, visualization, aromatherapy, etc.

Emotional Support: Hormones don't just have an effect on women physically; their moods and emotions are also affected by them. Friends and family are important, especially for young women.

Calcium: Bone health is at risk with menopause as estrogen levels decrease. Calcium intake is recommended.

Balanced Diet: A healthy diet rich in vitamins is recommended for women, since food is the body's source of external nutrients and vitamins.

Exercise Regularly: Exercise provides muscles with the elasticity they might be losing with menopause. Body weight is another factor to consider.

Reduce Smoking and Alcohol Intake: Research has shown hat women that smoke or drink regularly tend to experience early menopause. Smoking and alcohol consumption are symptom triggers.

One of the challenges with this approach is that it requires commitment, self-discipline, and patience to see significant improvement. Another thing to consider is that, while early menopause symptoms will be managed, the root of the problem won't be addressed directly. Read on to learn about natural, alternative approaches for early menopause.

2. Alternative Natural Treatments

Another option for early menopause treatments is natural alternative medicine. It has proved to be both effective and risk free. Natural alternative treatments for early menopause refer mostly to the use of herbal remedies in the relief of hormonal imbalance, the underlying problem behind menopause discomforts.

There are two types of herbal remedies being used to help alleviate early menopause symptoms. They are classified by their estrogen content.

Phytoestrogenic herbs are a natural option to treat early menopause

Phytoestrogenic Herbs: Some herbs contain human-like estrogen called phytoestrogen. Women can use these herbs to balance their levels of estrogen decrease by introducing it to the body through pills.

However, after some time, phytoestrogenic herbs tend to cause the body to become less capable of producing its own estrogen, ultimately causing more damage than good in women's bodies.

Non-estrogenic Herbs: As their name suggests, they don't contain estrogen. They work in the body as hormone stimulators, helping the pituitary and endocrine glands to produce the hormone by themselves. With non-estrogenic herbs, women's bodies regulate themselves, finding the right balance needed to avoid severe early menopause symptoms.

From “Nature and Health Magazine”, Dr. Chacon says:

“Macafem nutrients help restore natural hormones in women. Unlike hormone drugs, which are basically resumed in taking synthetic hormones, Macafem acts totally different in your body. It nourishes and stimulates your own natural hormone production, by inducing the optimal functioning of the pituitary and endocrine glands”. Click on the following link if you want to read and learn more about Macafem.

A combination of approaches is usually the most effective route to take. Lifestyle changes combined with alternative medicine will most likely be the best way to alleviate the symptoms of this hormonal imbalance. While this approach is optimal for many women, others might still need a more drastic approach to help them. For them, drugs and surgery might be considered.

3. Pharmaceutical Options and Drugs

Pharmaceutical options like HRT pose serious risks

This last approach of early menopause treatment involves more commitment and care. Although the results are faster and more direct than with the previous approaches mentioned before, the risks have also proven to be very high.

The most popular pharmaceutical option used as an early menopause treatment is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Widely used for decades, HRT caused a stir in 2002 when studies proved that this treatment actually presented more risks than benefits. Women that might consider this approach need to be aware of the possible consequences. The following list will give an idea of what possible benefits and risks women in early menopause might be going through.

Women that enter early menopause due to hysterectomy are usually prescribed the use of estrogen alone, even though, statistically, estrogen in this group has increased the risk of ovarian cancer.

These three levels of approaches are not mutually exclusive. A woman may use different treatments at different times or any combination of them, depending on the duration and severity of her early menopause symptoms. Today more and more women find that dealing with early menopause symptoms is best accomplished via a combination of healthy lifestyle and alternative treatments.

A Safe Way to Treat Early Menopause Symptoms:

Non-estrogenic herbs for treating hormonal imbalance, as seen in the second approach, are considered to be the most effective early menopause treatment. Low costs and the absence of side effects are only some of the reasons why this treatment option is preferred.

Macafem, for example, is an excellent non-estrogenic herb. It's simple: rather than putting hormones from the outside into your body artificially, Macafem stimulates your hormone glands into producing the necessary hormones naturally. This is what makes Macafem so unique. Click on the following link if you want to learn more about Macafem.

PMS and Early Menopause

Symptoms of PMS can be similar to those of early menopause, so it's important to differentiate between the two. PMS symptoms indicate fluctuations in hormones before a woman's period, whereas early menopausal symptoms mark the onset of infertility. Consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis if your PMS or early menopause symptoms become uncontrollable.

Treatments for Early Menopause

Women who experience early menopause are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis, ovarian cancer, and gum disease. To prevent these conditions, eat a diet rich in calcium, fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids, and exercise regularly. Phytoestrogenic herbs and HRT are also treatment options to discuss with your doctor.