Yogurt for Healthy Nails during Menopause

There are specific nutrients necessary for healthy nails and many of them are in yogurtThe mental effects of menopause are bad enough, but now it's interfering with your good looks, too! It's all the result of estrogen, or the lack thereof. Hair loss, change in body odor, and weight gain are all common and unpleasant side effects of menopause that can be attributed to the decreased production of estrogen. Fortunately, these can all be managed by eating a well-balanced diet. The same is true for brittle nails. Eating nutritious foods, especially those that are full of probiotics like yogurt and calcium, will help keep your nails strong during this distressing time.

Balancing your hormone levels will help regulate the amount of water your body retains.  Dehydration is among the leading causes of brittle nails, and if you're estrogen is low, your water composition will be too. Eating foods high with soy content can help regulate estrogen. In addition, there are specific nutrients necessary for healthy nails and many of them are in yogurt. Read below to find out why yogurt is good for your nails and some of the most delicious ways to eat it.

Why Yogurt?

Woman eating yogurt: it will allow the body to grow healthier nailsFor starters, yogurt contains many nutrients essential to the promotion of healthy nails, for example:

• Calcium
• Iron
• Zinc
• Vitamins, A, C, D, K and E
• B vitamins
• Folate
• Protein

Yogurt contains essential nutrients to promote healthy nail growthWhile yogurt is full of essential nutrients and fat which are all promote healthy nail growth, it has a low caloric count. An eight ounce container of fruit yogurt with 11 grams of protein has about 230 calories. Yogurt also helps maintain other bodily functions. Its probiotic components can lower blood pressure, promote a healthy immune system, and improve digestion tract, which can lead to a slimmer waistline.

Suggestions for Eating Yogurt

You don't have to go to the grocery store, pick out the same cup of blueberry yogurt, pop the top and dip in a spoon, there are many other more creative ways to incorporate yogurt into your diet.


Yogurt and fruits: a breakfast with yogurt, fruits and granola it´s ideal to get fiber and calcium• Fruit smoothie with yogurt. Adding cantaloupe to your smoothie will also help keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy.

• Yogurt with granola and apple. You'll get your protein and fiber at the same time!


• Try substituting yogurt for mayonnaise in your potato salad.

• Plain yogurt can be disguised as a salad dressing with the right seasoning.


• Taco night? Exchange the sour cream for plain, Greek yogurt. It tastes just the same but is so much healthier.


Eating a healthy is the most effective way to fight menopausal symptoms, especially when paired with a regular exercise regimen. Both can help balance hormone levels and keep your body healthy.

If you're not accustomed to working out, start out slowly. Jogging, yoga, and swimming are all great ways to stay active. Be sure to set reasonable goals; if you expect too much, it's easy to become discouraged and quit.

If your brittle nails persist, consider speaking to a doctor to determine whether or not they are a result of menopause or a sign of a more serious health condition. In some cases, it may be appropriate to supplement your balanced lifestyle with alternative medications.



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