Breast Tenderness during PMS

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Breast tenderness during PMS is very common. Also known as mastalgia breast tenderness during PMS is usually described by women as a sensation of sore, heavy breasts. Breast tenderness during PMS can be very uncomfortable and extreme breast tenderness during PMS can disrupt a woman's daily routine. However there are different ways to treat breast tenderness during PMS and often breast tenderness during PMS goes away when women's menstrual periods end.

Breast tenderness during PMS describes the pain that women have in their breasts just before their menstrual cycle comes. Breast tenderness is sore, heavy, and bloated breasts that ache when touched.

pms breast tenderness

There are different levels of breast tenderness during PMS. Some women will experience severely painful breast tenderness during PMS, whereas others will only have slight aches with their breast tenderness during PMS. The other time women will experience breast tenderness will be during the perimenopausal stage.

Why does Breast Tenderness during PMS Occur?

changes breast tenderness

Breast tenderness during PMS occurs because of changing hormone levels. Many women suffer from breast tenderness during PMS because their estrogen and progesterone hormone levels become imbalanced. In a normal cycle women's breasts will change in size depending on the levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body. However when breast tenderness during PMS occurs there is often a rush of progesterone hormones to the breasts, which increases the size of the breasts and makes them sore.

How to Cope with Breast Tenderness during PMS

There are a number of ways to cope with breast tenderness during PMS. Firstly women should ensure that they are supporting their body through their diet and keeping it in healthy shape:

Eat small, regular meals to prevent bloating and heap with breast tenderness during PMS.

Eat plenty of complex carbohydrates to prevent breast tenderness during PMS.

Avoid having a fatty diet, which can cause breast tenderness during PMS.

Drink plenty of water to prevent water retention, which can cause breast tenderness during PMS.

Avoid eating salty foods, which can cause bloating and water retention.

To help with breast tenderness during PMS women should also do regular, moderate exercise:

lifestyle breast tenderness

Exercise for half an hour at least five times a week (although new research has shown that to actively lose weight women need to exercise for an hour at least five times a week).

Gentle exercises such as yoga and pilates are gentle and do not place a great amount of pressure on the tender breast area.

There are also other things women should ensure they are doing to help with breast tenderness during PMS. For example it is important to wear a well fitting bra whilst doing sport.

Even so if women are finding that their breast tenderness during PMS is interfering with their lives they should consult their medical practitioner. Severe breast tenderness during PMS does not have to be endured because there are various different medications to assist with breast tenderness during PMS. Click for more information about treating breast tenderness during PMS.

Which are the best ways to cope with Breast Tenderness during PMS?

Three levels of approaches can be considered for treating Breast Tenderness during PMS:

(1)lifestyle changes, (2)alternative approaches and (3)drugs and surgery. The safest way is to start with the least risky approach and go on to the next level only if it is necessary. Click on treatments for breast tenderness during PMS and don't miss these three excellent approaches.