Q&A: Why Do I Have Breast Pain?

Bothered woman: breast tenderness can cause great concern in menopausal womenIf you are reading this article then chances are that you are experiencing breast pain and are seeking an explanation for this. Many women encounter breast pain during their life, and although it does not cause severe discomfort for all, it can cause great concern. Some women immediately assume the worst, though this is usually only because they have a lack of knowledge about why breast pain occurs. Understanding the causes of breast pain and being aware of the possible reasons for experiencing this during menopause is important. Read on and have your questions answered.

What Is Breast Pain? Is It Different for Each Person?

breast pain with tenderness and soreness Breast pain is just as the name suggests: a discomfort in the breasts, medically known as mastalgia. It is usually characterized by tenderness, tightness, soreness, burning, dullness, aching, and lumpiness. Sufferers of breast pain don't always encounter the same symptoms. More severe cases may have all the symptoms, but some women will have only one. Some women are likely to experience discomfort in both breasts while others will only have the pain in one, and the pain duration will be different for each woman also.

Why Do I Have Breast Pain?

Estrogen behavior in women lifetimeThere are several reasons why you could be experiencing breast pain. The condition is categorized into two different forms: cyclical or non-cyclical. Cyclical breast pain refers to discomfort caused by an imbalance in hormone levels in the woman's body. It is normally the reason for breast pain in pre-menopause, perimenopause, pregnancy, and PMS. Normally, estrogen levels rise in the menstrual cycle and cause the breasts to become slighter larger, but when estrogen levels fluctuate, particularly in the transitional menopausal period, these normal actions are disrupted and breast pain and tenderness often results.

Non-cyclical breast pain is the term used for discomfort that is caused by any reason other than hormonal changes. The possible reasons for breast pain are listed below:

Breast cysts •  Breast cysts
•  Breast trauma
•  Breast size
•  Stress
•  Alcohol intake
•  Oral contraceptive use
•  Antidepressants
•  Mastitis
•  Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
•  Cholesterol and heart drugs

If you think you might be experiencing breast pain for any of these reasons, you should see your doctor and get the appropriate advice.

What Is the Most Common Reason for Breast Pain?

The most common reason for breast pain is a hormone imbalance. Breast pain is usually experienced by women in their 30s, 40s, or 50s, and women who are pregnant. In most cases, these women will have breast pain because their estrogen levels are fluctuating. It is important to know that breast pain is rarely a sign of cancer.

How Can I Treat My Breast Pain?

In most cases, it is necessary to rebalance hormone levels to ease breast pain. Fortunately, this can be done by making subtle changes to your lifestyle, but persistence and self-control are needed. The following lifestyle changes will help improve general wellbeing, which is important when trying to achieve balanced hormone levels:

Woman using breathing techniques to fight breast tenderness •  Take a half-hour walk daily
•  Use breathing techniques or yoga to relax and de-stress
•  Reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake
•  Eat a low-fat diet, with good fiber intake
•  Reduce your salt consumption

As well as adopting these changes into your lifestyle, wearing a supportive bra, and using ice packs are simple steps to immediately reduce the discomfort.

More Information on Breast Pain

Breast pain can range from a subtle pain to severe discomfort. However you are affected, there are always ways to alleviate this issue, so take action today. Follow this link to learn more about breast pain treatments.

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