Left Breast Pain

Area of the breasts: breast tenderness in either the left or right breast is fairly commonBreast pain, and that focused more in either the left or right breast, is fairly common. From the time a female begins to develop breasts and begins menstruating, she will from time to time experience various kinds of breast pain and changes in her breasts. Some of these changes normally occur during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, with aging and particularly during menopause. These changes may include breast lumps, pain and changes in size or shape of breasts. A woman should rest assured, as most breast lumps and other changes are not indications of cancer but part of the natural changes associated with the menstrual cycle and aging process. Read over the following article for information on handling the symptoms of left breast pain and some of its causes.

Why are Breasts Susceptible to Pain?

Before analyzing pain in the left breast specifically, it is necessary to understand the make-up of the breasts in more detail and what can cause pain in the area.

The breasts are composed of several glands and ducts that lead to the nipple and the surrounding colored area called the areola. The milk-carrying ducts extend from the nipple into the underlying breast tissue like the spokes of a wheel. Under the areola area are lactiferous ducts, which fill with milk during lactation after a woman has had a baby. When a girl reaches puberty, changing levels of hormones cause the ducts to grow and cause fat deposits in the breast tissue to increase. This is a process which itself can cause pain in the breasts.

Whilst there are no muscles in the breasts, there are muscles under each breast which cover the ribs. These structures inside the breasts can sometimes make them feel lumpy. The lumpiness may be more noticeable in women with less body fat or those who have small breasts.

Why do I Experience Left Breast Pain?

tests breast painBreast pain is any soreness or discomfort that occurs in the breasts. The symptoms are often accompanied with swelling, which for unknown reasons may be more pronounced in one breast than the other.

Breast pain can be caused by a wide variety of factors. However, in the majority of cases, unbalanced levels of estrogen hormones during menopause are the principal cause. This is because hormone fluctuations during the menstrual cycle affect the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body. Likewise, during menopause when the body´s estrogen levels are reduced the breasts increase in size. This can be painful, and is further exacerbated when imbalances between estrogen and progesterone cause the breasts to grow to an even larger size, thus making them more susceptible to pain for longer periods.

What Can I Do about Pain in the Left Breast?

Woman with vegetables: a healthy diet can prevent menopausal breast tendernessIf hormone imbalance is the cause for pain in the left breast, treatment for easing the pain should involve returning hormone levels to normal or boosting estrogen reserves.  This can be done in any number of ways, usually with a healthy diet and exercise regime. However, if a change in lifestyle fails to help the breast pain on its own, there are various highly regarded alternative medicine treatments that have been shown to restore the body´s balance of hormones naturally. These often have the effect of eliminating the unwanted side effects linked with sore breasts.

For more specific information concerning treatments for pain in the left breast click here.

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