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Does Caffeine Cause Breast Pain?

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The answer to this question is not so clear-cut. Caffeine does play a role in cyclical breast pain, that is, pain which is associated with hormonal fluctuations and PMS. However, for other cases of breast pain, such as those during menopause, the connection is not direct. Read on to find out if your consumption of caffeine may cause breast pain in the long run.

Caffeine plays a role in cyclical breast pain.

What's the Connection Between Caffeine and Breast Pain?

Caffeine contains a chemical substance called methyxanthine, which causes blood vessels to become wider. When these pathways expand, although the effect may be minimal, it can cause an uncomfortable sensation.

Additionally, caffeine has been cited for increasing levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body. This increased presence of cortisol may interact with other female hormones, especially when you are experiencing premenstrual syndrome, and cause tender breasts.

A simple internet search will yield websites with differing opinions on the link between caffeine and breast pain. While some doctors conclude that there is no link, others say that the effect of caffeine on breast pain differs from woman to woman. Some women, for example, may experience less breast pain when they stop consuming caffeine, whereas for others, eschewing the drug may actually cause breast pain. Ultimately, each woman has to determine what effect caffeine has on her body independently.

Which Caffeine Products Affect Cyclical Breast Pain?

Everyone knows that a cup of coffee or a can of coke contains caffeine. But there are other products that you could be consuming that contain enough caffeine to have an impact on breast pain. Excedrin brand pain killer, for instance, contains the same caffeine as that cup of Starbucks you had this morning. This caffeine kick is actually what gives it its painkilling ability. Caffeine is also present in some candies and chocolates.

Recommendations for Relieving Breast Pain

If you're experiencing cyclical breast pain, adjusting your caffeine intake is only one way to try and ease your discomfort. Because many women wear ill-fitting bras unknowingly, it may help to get a professional fitting for a more supportive bra. Additionally, using a hot or cold compress on the site to soothe the swelling may help. Follow this link to learn more about breast pain.

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