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Breast Tenderness and Early Pregnancy

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Breast tenderness can be a symptom of pregnancy or menopause.

Breast tenderness can be a symptom of a host of conditions, including early pregnancy and menopause. It is typically experienced as an early warning sign of pregnancy and its cause is identified by the accompanying symptoms. In the case of pregnancy, breast tenderness will include morning sickness, headaches, and missed periods. In order to handle better the symptoms of breast tenderness due to pregnancy, read on the following information provided about breast tenderness.

How Is Breast Tenderness Related to Pregnancy?

For some women, breast tenderness is a sign of early pregnancy as it occurs before other symptoms, such as missed periods and morning sickness. During this time, the breasts will feel more sensitive to touch and even painful. However, because breast tenderness can also be a sign of getting your period, many times this symptom of pregnancy goes unnoticed.

Why Do I Experience Breast Tenderness during Pregnancy?

Tender breasts during pregnancy can most simply be explained as the consequence of the body getting ready to feed your baby. As the milk ducts and milk-producing cells start to grow in the breasts, the breasts themselves will start to swell and change in shape. This process can be rather painful. Breast tenderness is also caused by a sudden influx of hormones (estrogen and progesterone) during pregnancy that cause blood to rush to the breasts.

What Other Symptoms Will Accompany My Breast Tenderness during Pregnancy?

Common Breast Changes during Pregnancy

Veins become highly visible.

Breast can increase in size by up to two cup sizes.

Tingling, throbbing, or burning sensation

Increased nipple sensitivity




Missed period. This is perhaps the most obvious and early symptom of pregnancy. Some women may simply experience a significantly lighter period than normal. Other pregnancy symptoms usually become apparent after the missed period.

Fatigue. If you know that you are pregnant, it will be necessary to organize frequent “cat-naps” whenever convenient as fatigue and exhaustion are often noticeable side effects of pregnancy.

Morning sickness. This can be caused by a variety of factors when pregnant. The body has a number of hormones surging through it and this can create the feeling of nausea. This nauseous feeling can make it difficult to consume or keep anything down.

How Can I Treat Breast Tenderness during Pregnancy?

Eat a balanced diet to treat breast tenderness during pregnancy.

Because breast tenderness is related to hormonal fluctuations due to pregnancy, the most appropriate response is to try and level out those hormones. In order to do this, first, you need a stable exercise regime (light exercise if breast tenderness is causing pain when you work out) and balanced diet. In addition, there are a host of natural medicines that can work to stabilize hormones and provide relief for breast tenderness.

Tips for preventing breast tenderness:

Avoid under wired bras

Wear a good supportive bra for exercise

Soak in a warm bath

Apply a cool cloth

For more specific treatments for breast tenderness, click on the link below.

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