5 of the Most Common Reasons for Breast Pain

Often associated with pregnancy, breast pain is also common symptom of menopause. This occurs as a result of a fluctuation in progesterone and estrogen levels during this stage. Although this is a normal occurrence during menopause, many women will have questions about this symptom, and how and why it occurs.

The first thing to do is to understand the reasons you are experiencing breast pain. With this knowledge it will be easier to find an appropriate method of relieving any pain or discomfort. Read on to discover five of the most common reasons for breast pain.


Changes in Hormones

Hormonal fluctuations during menstrual cycleMenstruation and pregnancy tend to be the most common reasons for breast pain, and it is often a change in cycles that leads to soreness, tenderness or pain. Menopause is characterized by a fluctuation of hormones, and it is the lack of estrogen which results from this which leads to breast pain. Stress levels are also linked to your hormones and fluctuations in hormone levels may be more severe if you are suffering from high levels of stress during menopause.


Taking Medications

Medications: birth control and hormone replacement therapy often result in breast painBirth control and hormone replacement therapy are two types of prescribed medication which can cause breast pain and tenderness, mainly due to the impact of the hormones that are found in both of them. Estrogen and progesterone are components of these medications, which can disrupt a woman's natural levels of these hormones during menopause. In addition, antidepressants and psychiatric medications can increase breast tenderness.



Tea, coffee, soda, medication and chocolate: triggers of breast tendernessTea, coffee, soda, medication and chocolate are five foods and drinks that are known to be a possible reason for breast pain. This is because these food types normally contain caffeine, which causes a dilation of blood vessels which leads to pain and tenderness. Try eliminating all forms of caffeine: why not opt for decaf coffee and sparkling water instead?



Woman touching her chest: costochondritis is a non-cyclic cause of breast painA non-cyclic cause of breast pain is costochondritis, the inflammation of the ribs' junctions to the breastbone or sternum. Although not always linked to hormonal changes, this often occurs in the later years of a woman's life. Aging and posture are two reasons for the pain that begins, and radiates, from where the breast bone and ribs meet.


Breast Cysts

Fluid-filled sacs within your breasts are referred to as breast cysts. These can be felt as round/oval lumps that have the texture of a water-filled balloon or grape. They are common in women of menopausal age and tend to subside following the menopause process.

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