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How Do I Treat My Early Menopause?

menopauseMenopause can be a distressing time, even for the toughest minded, and the most independent, go-getting women out there. But what if you started menopause early; before your time, before marriage, before even having children? Well, this living hell can happen. Read on to learn about early menopause and how to treat it.

Early Menopause: How early are We Talking?

If you're a woman, you better get used to the idea of menopause; it's gonna happen. Generally, menopause strikes when women are in their early 50s, however, this rule of thumb is flexible and many women suffer menopause as early as their late 40s of as late as their mid 50s. But sometimes, menopause can strike women who are only in their early 20s. Read on to learn the tell tale signs of early menopause.

What to look for

Many menopause symptoms are caused by fluctuating levels of hormones. Hormones help to regulate lots of the body's functions, so when their levels change the effects on the body can be massive. It is the same fluctuating levels of hormones that cause the symptoms of early menopause. These include:

menopause. Hot Flashes
. Night Sweats
. Irregular Periods
. Loss of Libido
. Vaginal Dryness
. Mood Swings

If you're a young woman suffering any of these symptoms then you may be entering early menopause. Of course, the surefire way to know if you are experiencing early menopause is to check your menstrual cycle. If you're a young woman and you haven't had a period in the last 12 months, it's likely that you may be experiencing early menopause.

Why Me?

Early menopause can come about due to number of reasons. One may simply be that you are genetically programmed to enter menopause early. In this case, you will experience premature ovarian failure, which means that your ovaries have stopped working as they should. Premature menopause may also be caused by cancer treatments or surgery.


Unfortunately, you cannot turn back the hands of time. As with menopause, the effects of early menopause can't be reversed; you can lead a cow upstairs, but you can't lead it back down. However, there are ways to combat symptoms of early menopause, including hormone replacement therapy and herbal treatments.

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