Herbal Treatments for Menopause Symptoms

With numerous side effects and costly treatments, many women are turning to herbal treatments to help fight menopause and perimenopause symptoms. Although these supplements are often criticized by medical professionals, several women have found that certain herbs can relieve many menopausal symptoms from stress to physical pain. These treatments may even help the body to continue producing hormones.

Keep reading to find out more about herbal treatments for menopause symptoms.

What Are Herbal Treatments?

Herbal treatments can alleviate menopause symptoms.Herbal treatments rely on the use of natural herbs to alleviate menopause symptoms. Some are known for relieving stress and calming the body, while others directly aim at controlling a woman's fluctuating hormones.

Some women think that herbal treatments are the best option, and some claim that they don't work at all, but most prefer to use herbal treatments alongside lifestyle changes or prescription treatments.

Which Herbs Treat Menopausal Symptoms?

There are many herbs on the market, and they all work differently for each woman. However, most herbs can help with menopause symptoms through different mechanism and with different effectiveness. Each woman's response to each herb is different, and will depend on the personal mechanisms of each system.

Here is a list of the most common herbs used as a treatment for menopause symptoms.

Sage is used to treat some menopause symptoms, like hot flashes.•  Vitex agnus-castus
•  Black cohosh
•  Dong quai
•  Femal
•  Ginkgo biloba
•  St. John's wort
•  Sage
•  Ginseng

Why Use Herbal Treatments?

People use herbal treatments for a number of reasons. Many women don't want to take prescription drugs, because of the negative side effects, which often cause women to take additional medication to control them. Others are simply looking for simpler, natural ways to get rid of stress and feel healthy. Some receive optimal results by using these treatments alongside their prescribed medications.

It is evident that people use herbal treatments for many different reasons. However, sometimes their choice to utilize this treatment method is personal preference and to avoid high-risky methods.

Herbal Treatments for Menopause

As stated above, there are many herbal treatments with each having its own particular benefit. To find out which herbal treatment is best for you, it is often effective to research and try different herbal supplements until you find the one that provides the greatest relief from your set of menopausal symptoms. Many times something that works for another person will not necessarily work for you.

If you are experiencing menopause symptoms, or feel that something is wrong, talk to your health professional. You doctor can tell you what's going on and outline the different options that are available.

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